“Louise Bon Lentillons” are delicate in taste setting them apart from other lentils and are enjoyed by gourmets and great chefs alike.
The very small pink lentils from Champagne “Lentillons Rose” is a very well known gourmet dish,
exlusively grown in Champagne, famous for its calcareous soil that produces fine rich flavors.
It is of the highest quality of Lentillons cherished by the Grands Chefs and connoisseurs of France.
The well-established chef from Reims, Fabrice Maillot incorporates “Louise Bon Lentillons” at his restaurant “ Au Petit Comptoir” with the following recipe
Large prawns poached in salted butter with tomatoes filled with Loiuse Bon Lentillons
Fabrice Maillot opened his restaurant twenty years ago in Reims and was trained at very famous Tables. He worked with Gérard Boyer from “Les Crayères” in Reims and with Joel Robuchon from “Le Jamin” in Paris.
Au petit comptoir
17 Rue de Mars
51100 Reims- France
Phone : 00 33 3 26 40 58 58
Chef Maillot is well known for his creative cuisine based on traditional products and seasonal ingredients.
Chef Maillot has generously shared his recipes for summer and winter.
In the summer, the delicate flavor of “ Louise Bon lentillons” is much appreciated with a salad, grilled fish or meat.
Summer Recipes:
Large prawns poached in salted butter with tomatoes filled with Loiuse Bon Lentillons
Tomatoes filled with Lentillons Rose and goat cheese
Louise Bon Lentillons salad
Lentillons Rose taboule
For the prestigious event “HABITS DE SAVEURS” held in Epernay on July 4, 2009
Chef Maillot a member of” Les Etoiles De La Champagne” created a new dish with Louise Bon lentillons.
At the event, Chef Maillot prepared this new delicious recipe:
Tomatoes filled with Lentillons Rose and goat cheese
This refreshing dish was paired with Perrier - Jouet Champagne.
In addition, this special event hosted 10 Well-Known Chefs from the Champagne region each of them associated with a Champagne House.
During winter and the many festive occasions, you may want to try one of these special recipes enjoyed by gourmets and gourmands alike.
Winter Recipes:
Cream of Louise Bon Lentillons soup with foie gras shavings
Louise Bon Lentillons Dhal
Louise Bon Lentillons salad and sea scallops
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