Lentils from the Champagne region (Lentillon)
The "Lentillon from Champagne" is a very unique and exclusive product grown in the heart of the
Champagne region, recognized world wide for its soil and celebrated sparkling wine, the Champagne.
The lentillon is a well known gourmet dish exclusively grown in the Champagne region
famous for its calcareous soil that produces fine rich flavors.
Small and rosé, the lentillon, is a very old variety of the current lentils known for its Recognized Virtues.
The lentillons have been cultivated since the Roman times. The lentils are grown along with another cereal, rye that serves as a support for the very fragile lentillon .
The lentillons and rye are harvested at the same time during the summer time and are delicately selected.
Easy to cook and with rich flavors, this small pink lentil is easily adaptable to the seasons and to
our creative culinary desires. Prepared in salads or served with fish or grilled meats, this small Lentil is deliciously fresh and light for summer.
Louise Bon known for its savoir-faire and heritage passed on by five generations of producers.

Recognized virtues
Highly recommended by dieticians :
The lentillons rose are part of a rare food group called pulses that pack a Nutritional punch of iron, protein, calcium and fiber.
Not only are they highly nutritional, but also they are low in calories.
Containing slow burning carbohydrates lentillons rose release sugars slowly into the blood stream,
leaving a long lasting,” full feeling” as compared to fast burning carbohydrates.
Lentillons are important for a creative and balanced alimentation.
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